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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The most secure cheat for CS:GO on the market with amazing stream proof visuals, backtracking and a lot more!
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Private and secure, don't waste your time with others, choose EXO!
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Arma 3

Enjoy Arma 3 with a clean ESP that works on every server without the need for scripts!
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PUBG Testimonials

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Hello guys, I have only been a member of this community for a little bit over a week, but in those few days I think I can give a full and honest review for the PUBG cheat. 

1. Website/Usability: 9/10

The forum and cheat menu have a very clean and modern design that was easy to navigate and use. The process to sign up and apply for a whitelist was very simple.

2. Visual: 10/10

The cheat come with Player, Item, and Vehicle esp that are very clean, highly configurable with features such as ESP color and Distance. It basically have everything that you should expect from a customizable esp. 

3. Weapon Modification: 9/10

The cheat also include No Recoil, No spread, Unlimited Ammo... and much more. They all work perfectly and turn you into a killing machine. But I do hope that they add configurable recoil and spread % rather than just No Recoil and No Spread.

4. Support: 11/10
The staff and other member are very helpful and it seem like everyone is willing to help each other with setting up the cheat. The cheat update are fast and they provide compensation if it take more than 1 day to update the cheat. Bonus 1 point because of the meme channel in their discord. :kappa:

5. Price: 10/10
The price is very reasonable compare to other provider that ask for extreme price for the first month of the cheat. 


I have been cheating for more than 6 years and I think this is one of the best cheat provider out there. The community is awesome, the PUBG cheat they provide is top-notch, and the price is just right. 

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3 hours ago, Jannik12131 said:

Thanks for that review, gives quite a good overview about everything ;)

Thank you for your kind word. The cheat really is amazing :godbless:

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I'm new here, I've used it a long time in other fps games. but gun3 never used and wanted very hack of arma3 saw the video I was amazed how hack has performase good do not know how to get to and seller I hope you help me I want to buy arma3 hack a lot

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