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My PUBG Testimonial

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This is my Testimonial For the PUBG Cheat

Visuals 10/10: I love the Visuals for the PUBG cheat. They're extremely useful. Personally I've always liked the corner ESP on cheats, i never really used static/dynamic box ESP on other cheats I used for other games. I wouldn't change the colours overall for the ESP. I like how when a player is visible it notifies you by changing the colour from yellow to green which is extremely USEFUL. I also like the fact that it tells you the weapon they're currently holding so you can play depending on the weapon they have, either to rush or hold. It also provides information such as the distance which also comes in handy. 

Aimbot 8/10: I love the Aimbot, it's extremely useful when you're far away and they don't know where you are for example; if you're on a hill hiding behind the leaves of a tree, you can shoot them but they cannot see you. Although the aimbot has some difficulties, such as locking onto the wrong person, i hope there's a FOV/Distance feature in the near future. Distance allowing you to lock onto the person closest to you depending on the meters they are. FOV locking onto the people in your FOV only, this would help a lot due to me entering buildings and sometimes locking onto the another player far away. Although that's not much of an issue, because i relock back onto the person and kill them eventually.

Community/Support 10/10: I've not had a problem with anyone since I've been with Exocheats, i recently talked to a few new people, and they were extremely friendly, and we had a long conversation regarding Exocheats. The support is is definitely a 15/10. There's only a few other public P2Cs (pay to cheats) regarding PUBG as it's very hard to maintain a secure cheat that's public. The other sites i've come across ask you to either pay support for help with networking as some cheats go to endless efforts to bypass BattlEye and so forth. The Founders (@Factor / @ChaosManiac) of Exocheats are extremely friendly and active, and have helped me numerous amounts of times since i've been here. 

Price 10/10: BattlEye isn't the easiest thing to bypass, so there being a cheat for $150 dollars a month is more than reasonable. I've seen cheats like this go for 10 times what Exocheats, but they peform the same way. It's pretty easy to come up with the amount of money if you have a job or not or an allowance. So i'd say the price is more than reasonable when it comes to that. 

Setup 1000/10: Once again people go to immensely stupid efforts to bypass PUBG's anti cheat, like doing a lot of networking etc. Some cheats even make you buy an ethernet cable or make you run it off of another operating system/pc such as Virtual machine, connecting one ethernet cable to the other computer and running the cheat off of the computer that doesn't have PUBG on it, which is way too much effort. With Exocheats the injection process of the cheat is fairly simple, you run the loader as an administrator, then select the cheat and done, on the same computer you're using PUBG on, overall the injection process can range from 1-5 minutes depending on your internet connection, but it's definitely an easy process. 

Security 10/10: I'm yet to get banned in PUBG by the anticheat, or even a game developer. Exocheats has definitely kept security as one of their number one priorities due to minimizing GUIs and excess stuff that's not needed in the cheat, i definitely hope it continues to stay undetected. 

Overall: Overall, i'd give this cheat a SOLID 10/10 The staff are amazing and genuine people who know what they're doing, the community is friendly. Overall the cheat is fucking brilliant and couldn't have asked for any much more. You tend to forget how much you actually spent on the cheat due to it being worth it, couldn't regret spending the $150 at all. Hope you guys choose Exocheats!





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Just now, hyena said:

Nice review. I agree mostly of your words. But sometime has unknown blue dot on the mini map.


Hopefully they'll fix on next version.

However, Exocheat is the best cheat ever I seen.

Love this forums.

Definitely, there's a few minor issues which Chaos has been working on but overall he wants to focus on security, which is probably the number one priority!

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