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Private and secure, don't waste your time with others, choose EXO!
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  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive Cheat

    The perfect cheat for streaming and playing legit. 

    Undetected with 0 bans for almost a year!

  • Features

    Weapon Config
    Global Config
    Back Tracking (Manual and Automatic)
    Aim Key
    Bone Selection
    FOV Adjust
    Target Nearest
    Smoothness Selection (Normal/Curve)
    Random Smooth
    RCS X
    RCS Y
    RCS Over (eg, pull the AK47 down more)
    RCS Under (eg, let the AK47 rise more)
    RCS On Aim Only
    Standalone RCS
    Trigger Bot
    Trigger on Key
    Tigger Delay (ms)
    Trigger Hit Chance


    Hack vs Hack
    VAC Safe AntiAim
    Silent Aim
    Auto Shoot
    Auto Wall
    Auto Stop
    Auto Crouch
    Auto Scope

    Spread Indicator
    No Spread (HvH Servers Only)


    ESP Style (2D, 3D or Corner)
    Asus Walls (Half transparent walls)
    Health Bar or Number
    Armor Bar or Number

    Grenade Tracer

    Grenade Predictor
    Chams (Flat, Default or Model)

    Hands Style (Wireframe, Flat Color, Rainbow or Invisible)
    Dropped Weapon ESP
    Bomb ESP
    Bomb Damage Indicator
    Defuser Info
    No Flash

    And a lot more!

    Enemy Only
    Visible Only
    Custom Zoom
    Custom Style

    Weapon Skin Changer
    Knife Skin Changer
    Item Name Changer
    Custom StatTrak 
    Custom Seed
    Custom Wear

    Stream Mode (Twitch.tv Compatible)
    World Color Changer
    Skybox Color Changer
    Night Mode

    Third Person
    Reveal Ranks
    Recoil Crosshair
    Sniper Crosshair

    Auto Bunnyhop

    Auto Strafe
    Spectator List
    Custom Chatspam
    Player Name Changer
    Clantag Changer

    Settings and Config
    Color Changer (R, G, B)
    Save Config
    Load Config


    Unlimited and instant HWID changes from the Client Panel


    Release Date: April 20th, 2017

    Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 & Windows 7

    Security: Our cheat does not require you to setup FAT32 drives or disable kernel patch protection and use other complicated methods that take a long time to setup. Thanks to our Hassle Free Ring0 (Kernel) Injection you can enjoy the security that a Ring0 (Kernel) cheat provides without the long and complicated setup that other providers make you go through.

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